Life Chapter – 4

“One shot two shot

Three shot four shot

All I hear is gun shots

This is where the fun stops”

But why is my mind dwelling

On a song by another

My eyes are wide open

I think that insomnia is over

With this sudden burst of energy

What am I supposed to do

“I guess a distorted reality

Is now a necessity

To be free”

Has my mind gone mute

Or is it just a copycat

Who won’t let them see

The other side of me

I thought the facade was clear

Then why are the shields up

Where has all my confidence gone

Was I always this numb


Is not good for me


I don’t want to

Sit on a lemon tree”

What is happening

Was the coffee too strong

Or am I feeling guilty

For something wrong

My mind is in distraught

I need to try harder

To focus on a single thing

To keep it settled

Its recurring in my brain

Giving no clues

To deviate

From the path it has chosen

A lie it has forged

Covered with castles and rocks

How will I stand

With only a hammer in my hand

Sometimes it feels

Like a show is going on 

Where normality

Is so depressing

That everything is premeditated

And a door to reality

Is waiting to be opened

“I’ll stay awake

Cause the dark’s not taking

Prisoners tonight”…

What if… 

What if the world we live in

Is just another reality

Of the plurality

What if everything is premeditated

And we’re living the lives

Already liven

By our ancestors

And their ancestors

What if

The heaven is the hell

What if

The hell is the heaven

What if 

The future is the past

And present is just a peasent

Of future and past

What if I

Showed the devil

How to be pious

And spiritual

What if I

Created the devil

Out of mud and clay

When everything was in disarray

What if I 

Am not the one writing it

Just a pawn

In someone else’s bigger game

And the truth is

I am beginning to accept 

That internal noise…


Let the world slip away

And let me, guide your way

To a place

Of our creation

Where no one rests

But our imagination

Let the world slip away

And let yourself, fall away

As if you’re flying

In longest of nights

Simply, close your eyes

And let my voice, sink in

Allow me to take

You on a trip


Of your choice

Let the world slip away

And let me, guide your way

To a place

Where angels meet

And dine alongside

The demons they hide

Let the world slip away

And let yourself, fall away

But first you need

To close your eyes

Think about the river

Think about the shiver

Think about the mountains

Think about, how high are they

We are so petite

In this land so divine

Then why be proud

Over the treasures

You hound

Let go of this pride

And let me, be your guide

To wash away

All of your pain

To clear your conscious

Of every rain

Take a deep breath

And let me control the rest…

A Good Night…

A dim light

A whisper of wind

A chilled beer

A puff of smoke

A beautiful face 

Mesmerizing eyes

An open sky

Shimmering night

A crater on moon

Shining right

On the horizon

Lightened dark

Birds at a distance 

Bats in a disarray 

With the dawn

Of a new day

Clouds in the heaven

Pinching sounds of hell

Breathe the air

Before environment deteriorates…

Life Chapter – 3

My mind is unsettled

My body is dwindling

Its already been three days

Since I’ve slept peacefully

A chaotic mind

Is what I call him

At least when I’m awake

I do feel safe

Its me who’s in control

And no one else

I close my eyes

To find myself falling

With darkness all around

It is growing on to me

Shit! The fourth day has started

And my mind is still not ready

Maybe I should simply

Close my eyes

What’s the worst that can happen

Either the other guy will take charge

Or I will be asleep to never be awake

What if sleeping

Was the easier way

To let people know

That they are too lazy

So many choices

Which one to choose

I’m already preoccupied

With keeping my eyes on

I feel so tired

Twenty four cross seven

My heart is pounding

As if trying to run away

To someone who can sleep,

Feel and kneel

How am I supposed

To keep reality in check

When my head is heavy

By the burden it’s carrying

Could this all be a sham

And I’m just a lamb

To follow other’s steps

Is what I do best

I guess sometimes

You need a little paranoia

Just so you can at the end

Think a bit more clearly

I am alive on coffee

With neither milk nor sugar

Just boiling water

And then nothing else matters…


Thunder and Lightning 

Scares me a little

But only because

It’s expression of my inner passion

Which the world finds untrue 

Amidst all the battles

I forged

So now I stand

To bear them all

Because all I am

Is the man in the mirror…


One more thing

Let’s add it to the list
It keeps on increasing
And never decreasing

Everything that is frowned upon
Everything that they’re loud about
We will keep writing
But they’ll keep screaming

We don’t want your peace
We’ll keep you on a lease
You’ll abide by our rules
Even though we’re fools

Nothing that you can change
But everything we can cage
Even if we’re clueless
And you may be flawless
You’ll abide by our rules
Even though we’re fools

We will leave you to mourn
If you leave us alone
You’ll abide by our rules
Even though we’re fools

We like things
The way they’ve been
From generation to generation
“Caring” for the nation

It’s in our genes
To suppress your needs
Why are you so persistent
For something so inconsistent

Threatened by your existence
We live in resistance
We are the “minority”
Against your “majority”

Walk the grass we tread upon
And you will, be reborn
You’ll learn to abide by our rules
Though we’re nothing but fools…