I miss those days

Putting my hands into paint

Just so I could touch them

Just so I could smell them

When everything was numb

And everyone was humble

Using them as a mixer

To make them tender

Spreading it on the canvas

And feeling like picasso

I miss those days

When I’d just lie in my bed

And let my imagination

Mingle with my creations

So many colours

In never ending thrillers

I’d wander off to places

Away from all the mazes

Looking for something, to surround

This darkness, that I felt around

Making me free

From all the weeps

I miss those days

When the world was better

Only thing I saw

Was positivity everywhere

When I felt

That there just might be hope

And the world isn’t full

Of envy and chaos

I miss those days

Playing with my friends

Staying out

Till there was, no more light

Longing for home

Whenever going to school

Making pictures

In all my textbooks

Or sometimes on the bench

When I ran out of space

As if trying to mark

That I was here

I miss those days

When everyone tried

To tie their shoes

And keeping them right

Now I sit here

With soul of a painter

And mind of a writer

Thinking of words

To rhyme every wonder…


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