You feel every emotion

Every association
Where your mind wanders
Trying to gather
All distant memories
Every story
To put them together
In chronological order
Is the time moving fast
Or am I moving slow

You are breathing heavily
With the noise of gravity
Your heart seems to beat
In this ever growing heat
The temperature is cold
But you seem bold
To make your senses numb
While your eyes are wide open
Your senses are sharply coping
To keep up with the pace
You have to tighten your lace
Or you’ll end up tripping
Without any gripping

Your hands are still shaking
Is the addiction still speaking
You need to run
Or you’ll end up in burns
You gotta move past that
You gotta run harder lad
Now your stomach is aching
Is anything in you working
Try to divert focus
From every hocus pocus
You feel you’re running blind
In this never ending tide
You gotta run faster
You gotta try harder

Look for serenity
With utter anonymity
Maybe then you’ll find peace
And take off this lease
Break free from this chain
Only then will you gain
Let the world see
The ideas we conceive
Trigger away the darkness
And let the world harness
The talent you possess
The talent we caress

Maybe we’re rebels
Singing alike fables
Or maybe we’re the change
Looking at every page
As a chance to propel
A sign from gospels
Making our own idol
From every gone tidal
Hearing every wave
As a sign to “misbehave”
For the world is untethered
For those born with their own feathers…


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