They say he is omnipresent

But still they look for him

At every place;

Worshipping every idol

Created in his name.

They say he is omnipotent

But still they linger around

For his guidance.

They say he has no face

But still there are those

Who pray to his figures, everyday.

They give out their wealth

To his feet in stealth,

Maybe to redeem 

The sins they’ve committed,

Praying for forgiveness

Or looking for happiness,

For the ones they love

Or their own.

Then what about the ones

Who can’t afford to come

To his graciousness;

So will they perish

Or will they cherish

When they’ve gone

To the life beyond,

Will the good that they’ve done

Be accounted

Or the wealth they gave

In the hands of almighty,

Be the decider.

If the latter is true

Then why not help the others,

Maybe increase their faith

Towards the one you chant;

Not by force

But by choice.

Maybe he is real

Or maybe he isn’t,

Maybe he’s an imagination

Created from the passion,

Because there are times

When everybody needs


To believe in…


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