I am wide awake

In a sleepless night

With numerous stars

Blanketing the sky.

My one company

Is the Moon

That shines

I feel like talking,

But will it listen

And as the time passes

It keeps, getting thinner.

We made the lights

To not be afraid;

But now they hinder

The beauty we’re under.

Heaven is dark

While hell is lit

To pave the way

For spineless twits.

The night creatures

Are finally here

Looking for a prey;

In this mis-array.

Some towards light

Some towards sound,

You can hear a little buzzing

With the belittle nudging

Somehow it’s peaceful

From everything so colourful.

The only sound, is the bark

Of a canine.

No more horns

No more shouts.

My eyes are warm

And my head is sharp.

Probably from the calmness

Residing in this darkness…


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