What Can I Say…

What can I say

The words seem less

For the grief you’re in

Losing any one of two

Brings back the feeling

Of being stranded once more

The life is hard

What can I say

To console your heart

For the pain you’re in

You are the oldest

Or pretend to be

Trying to be strong

For the world to see

The world is tough

What can I say

Making you question

The existence of unnatural

But this inevitability

Makes us human

Full of tears

What can I say

To remedy you of wear

Is what I’ll pray

You are not alone

In this haze

Let others near

To walk with you today

Don’t let the loss

Overshadow the memories

The ones you’ve cherished

In all your life

It will take time

Is what I’ll say

At the end of tunnel

There’s light in day

Let it be the source

To guide you through remorse

Life is hard

And world is tough

But together

You’ll reside in the stars…


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