Memoirs Chapter – 3

The clock is ticking

With every second, you’re sinking

Deep into your desire

It feels like you’re on fire

Your mind is loudest

Than it has ever been

But you’re gasping for air

In this frightful layer

Every puff

You say is the last one

But still you go on

Still saying it’s the last one

The moments go slow

The clocks in a row

Everything’s crumbled

When you are paranoid

You think you’re running hot

So you get up for some shots

But that just amplifies

What you never simplified

Everything is relaxed

But still you’re gripped

You wash your hands

And wash your face

To get that stench

Off your stance

Your eyes are red

From everything you were fed

Or was it from what you smoked

That you are feeling so cramped

You will learn to embrace me

Maybe then you can face me

But these cuts, are starting to bleed

Just what are you doing to me

I can be your saviour

From this inhumane behaviour

You can look all around

And you’ll find no one to surround

You take us for a villain

We are only giving

You a life you caress

A talent you can harness

Are you the light

In this everlasting night

Maybe you’re right

And you are the might

But will I be a slave

To your every game

Or will I be the one

Who can make a name…


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