Memoirs Chapter – 4

You can feel the cold

Brewing upon you

It gives you useless thoughts

Ones you can’t even differ

To think it all started out

As another social experiment

But grew so much more

With the same recurring thoughts

Eating up your head

Till the time they’re not written

It keeps making you bitter

You start to plead for silence

From this unholy convergence

But it gives me confidence

It grants you nothing but divergence

You don’t wanna die

But are unable to thrive

You’re trying to decide

Can’t make up your mind

Cause this one decision

Will change your life

You still haven’t healed

From that last hit

So why don’t you drink

Some caffeine instead

But you’re longing for it

And you’re afraid

That once you start

It will be hard to end

Your hands are trembling

For one more puff

And your eyes are crashing

Thinking of that last stuff

So you go for it

To bring him back

I heard you were

Calling out for me

Isn’t it easy

To write about me

Someone you know

Someone you, like to show

Isn’t it funny

How things start to unravel

When you’re in my company

And you start to travel

Even while sitting

In a class full of writhing

I gave you the reins

So you could be in my veins

But I am unable to focus

With you murmuring a chorus

And where did the other one go

I always thought he accompanied you

He is there

But don’t you worry

For he’ll be loud

Some moments later

Why don’t you run

Let’s do something physical

And you know it’ll be fun

Cause I’ll be making you historical

Oh yes you’re right

You’re always right

Guess that’s why I love you

Why I can’t leave you

The way you compile

Everything I describe

Is like a miracle

And anything I can tackle…


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