Memoirs Chapter – 5

You’re working like a machine

After everything you’ve seen

In my company

Or is everything still sketchy

I can feel this power

This enlightened shower

Growing onto me

Like a venom of greed

Unable to stand

You fall down on the bed

Going deeper and deeper

Time after time

One an addict

Other sadistic

You can feel their points

In this very joint

You can feel the noose tighten

You can feel the wind loosen

You might need some help

But that’d be, such a sham

Everything feels tainted

With the grin that you’re making

How did I survive

Before you were in my life

I’ll be with you

Till the end of days

Is that a premonition

Or just a simple insinuation

It is amazing what you can do

When you stop listening to

What’s the right thing to do

You have to get up

Look yourself in the mirror

Is this what you want

Is this what you were taught

How am I to breathe

With you making me bleed

I don’t understand

Where all of this is coming from

First you gave me an acceptance

Now you’re giving me repentance

Do I need another puff

Just to make you tough

Maybe I do

Maybe you don’t

What is happening

I can feel my mind crumbling

Save me from this depth

It’s taking me into it’s nest

Where are you

Why aren’t you talking back to me

I need another puff

Yes that’s what it is 

And with that puff

You’ll be back from the mist…


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