Memoirs Chapter – 6

It seems every high

Is just not right

Till the time it’s accompanied

By your symphonies

But with every puff

You seem to cough

Is that the light

That you so sight

Your mind is numb

Or are you that dumb

Is everything swirling

Or is it me who’s twirling

You met another guy

Who’s giving in a cry

To join the club

Of the famous numbs

Is that for real

Or just another fear

Or another sign

How am I to decide

Your chest is swelling up

Your pain is dwelling up

Your friend says

You’re writing like a child

How was he to know

That you’re a newborn life

Looking for words

To rhyme every mile

But you want to float

In never ending road

I see a ocean

But no water

Filled with nothing but butts 

From the used up puffs

You want it so bad

But still a little glad

For the pain it causes

Is a lot more than roses

You’re writing every thought

That comes in your head

Unable to separate

The good from best

It seems you’ve stopped

Looking for the road

The one less travelled

The one you ravelled

You feel you’re writing wrong

As if it’s not your thought

But still you persist

Unable to resist

Your skin is rotting

From the blood that’s clotting

Your hands are shaking

As your mind is breaking

Your skin is turning red

From the germs you’ve inherited

With every word

Same like the other

You start to feel low

For one more show…


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