Memoirs Chapter – 9

You’re standing on the edge

With him tightening the noose

Second by second

You’re going berserk

Unable to decide

To do what’s right

Is this what it’s like

To be on a test

Maybe if I rest

It’ll all be over

Hoping for a fresh start

Or you’ll end up the last

The next morning arrives

But the feeling still thrives

Unable to look

At yourself in the mirror

Unable to decide

If it is even you

So you end up with a blade

In your trembling hands

You make your first cut

Oh, that first incision

Right in the middle

Where your heart resides

Bringing you the feeling

Of life again

So you do it again

And again and again

It’s like a pattern

Is being developed by this painter

The blood is dripping

Right to your feet

But that will wash away

By a hint of water

These scars will remain

As a source to ascertain

The reality

From obscurity

You have to keep it hidden

From the world, full of heathens

Slowly and slowly

You’ll be back to clarity

And at that time, I’ll be their for your certainty…


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