Memoirs Chapter – 10

You can feel him drawing

Out of your system

But one is still crawling

Inside your cathedral

It increases it’s dominance

With every breath you take

And that’s what scares me

What will become of me

Will I be the one who remains

Or will he be the one who proclaims

Your nightmare is back

Along with the cracks

You had it suppressed

From smoke of the damned

You can still hear the cry

Of the child whose nine

Why can’t you remember

What happened that day

Is this my subconscience

Speaking to me today

You can’t sleep

In this scorching heat

So look for words

In your travelogues

Every time you do it

You end up with anarchy

Till the time you realize

That they were always right

Who will you blame

Now that you’re, full of shame

Every time you did it

You ended up with boils

But your body is weak

Now that you’re without it

How will I get back

To the inception

Just so I could take back

Everything that made me blind

Now that I’m without you

I wish I could cry

Maybe I can try

But what use would it be

So you end up

In front of the mirror again

Feeling you deserve it

As if you have earned it…


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