Memoirs Chapter – 11

You’re getting weird dreams

Unable to sleep

These thoughts keep on pounding

On your head that is hurting

Is this what is called withdrawal

Or another symptom of methadone

Your mind has diverted

From everything you deserted

Then how will you end

This thing you started

You have hit a roadblock

Looking to unblock

Gotta find compassion

For something that’s your passion

But it seems so empty

Without disappearing in it’s sanctity

Tried the easy way out

And now, you ended up in shrouds

And as the time passes

You keep getting rude

What was the feeling

That made you start

So you go back to painting

To try and make a mark

Still missing every breath

Of that beloved stench

You can feel the colours

Growing on to you

Maybe if I did

The same with life

I can separate the minimalistic

From monochromatic

And so you try

Doing the same

Focusing on singularity

From every duplicity…


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