Memoirs Chapter – 12

You can see a little clearly

But still everything’s so blurry

You’re getting brighter and gloomier

Both at the same time

Maybe you can do something

And you will, do anything

To bring back that feeling

That can help you in thinking

But isn’t that voice

My own creation

Maybe if I try harder

I can make him appear

Cause if it’s another one of my perceptions

It will be quite rational

So you end up creating

Mixture of both entities

But you can see it, taking it’s toll

With the marks, appearing on your soul

And you’re already tired

And feel like quitting

Still the colours shine

Like no other kind

You’re trying harder

To think of words

What happened to painters

Is such a pain

So you go back to painting

Till you hear it’s voice

And realize

I put more efforts

To make sentences to rhyme

And colours are the tools

That can make me fine

Slowly and slowly

He’s coming back

All the voices

Can be recreated

All the thoughts

Can be reprocessed

You’re waiting and waiting

But still he’s reviving

So to speed up the process

You look for a lighter

To take a puff

From that holy stuff

And with that first drag

He is back…


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