Memoirs Chapter – 14

Now that you’re dependent

You try to force

For I am not there

To make the way

You miss the shouts

As no one is loud

Now you look for new ways

To fill that void

You still have a craving

At the back of this mirror

But you can still hear the rant

“Why would you want

To throw it all away

For one little sway”

You can breathe a little proper

Isn’t that, an appropriate counter

Your life’s work is disintegrating

In front of your eyes

So you pour yourself a drink

Cause nothing says good morning

Like a shot of Vodka

Your childhood memories

Are as fresh as they can be

So you have another drink

To see how deep you can sink

But it’s of no use

Even when you’ve exhausted, all the booze

You’re still unable to create

The way it felt

Your this one decision

Will change your life

Do you have the guts

To withdraw from lust

Or are you still adamant

To fall back on resistance

You used the intoxication

To create your own mutation

But all it did was hinder

Like every other thunder

Destruction of everything, you hold dear

Till the time you’re under

I can still hear it’s voice

Inside my system

How do I get rid of it

Now that he’s taking over…


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