Life Chapter – 2

I created this world

Complete with treasures

And holes

To make it seem real

To make it surreal

But still somehow

It lacked the conviction

To hold me on

As a prey for bargain

I created this world

As a way to be free

Of all the shackles

I had created for myself

Secluded and isolated

By the peace it carried

But still I ended

Up being a prisoner

Of this


I created this world

Similar to other

Taking positivity

As the only source

I catered this world

With all the feelings I had

Poured them together

To create something better

But the only thing remained

Was an abomination

I still visit

That place in my head

Where everything was true

But felt unreal

Now its deserted

Of everyone there

Like a plague has hit

And burned this shire

Is this what happens

When the mirage clears

You’re stranded alone

In an island of sorts

Completely void

Of who you were

Or pretended to be

For the greater good

Was it true

That it was me

Who was the creator

Of this beautiful illusion

Then why does it feel

That it is me

Who ended up

Being a creation


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