Life Chapter – 3

My mind is unsettled

My body is dwindling

Its already been three days

Since I’ve slept peacefully

A chaotic mind

Is what I call him

At least when I’m awake

I do feel safe

Its me who’s in control

And no one else

I close my eyes

To find myself falling

With darkness all around

It is growing on to me

Shit! The fourth day has started

And my mind is still not ready

Maybe I should simply

Close my eyes

What’s the worst that can happen

Either the other guy will take charge

Or I will be asleep to never be awake

What if sleeping

Was the easier way

To let people know

That they are too lazy

So many choices

Which one to choose

I’m already preoccupied

With keeping my eyes on

I feel so tired

Twenty four cross seven

My heart is pounding

As if trying to run away

To someone who can sleep,

Feel and kneel

How am I supposed

To keep reality in check

When my head is heavy

By the burden it’s carrying

Could this all be a sham

And I’m just a lamb

To follow other’s steps

Is what I do best

I guess sometimes

You need a little paranoia

Just so you can at the end

Think a bit more clearly

I am alive on coffee

With neither milk nor sugar

Just boiling water

And then nothing else matters…


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