Life Chapter – 4

“One shot two shot

Three shot four shot

All I hear is gun shots

This is where the fun stops”

But why is my mind dwelling

On a song by another

My eyes are wide open

I think that insomnia is over

With this sudden burst of energy

What am I supposed to do

“I guess a distorted reality

Is now a necessity

To be free”

Has my mind gone mute

Or is it just a copycat

Who won’t let them see

The other side of me

I thought the facade was clear

Then why are the shields up

Where has all my confidence gone

Was I always this numb


Is not good for me


I don’t want to

Sit on a lemon tree”

What is happening

Was the coffee too strong

Or am I feeling guilty

For something wrong

My mind is in distraught

I need to try harder

To focus on a single thing

To keep it settled

Its recurring in my brain

Giving no clues

To deviate

From the path it has chosen

A lie it has forged

Covered with castles and rocks

How will I stand

With only a hammer in my hand

Sometimes it feels

Like a show is going on 

Where normality

Is so depressing

That everything is premeditated

And a door to reality

Is waiting to be opened

“I’ll stay awake

Cause the dark’s not taking

Prisoners tonight”…


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