The light was shining upon her face
Like the way the stars shine
And her crimson coloured lips
Were a charm to see
With a tattoo at the back
Resembling the flying birds
She covered her eyes
For the sun was too bright
So she looked for a shadow
Though she already looked cool
Under the tree
She stood for
But the temperature
Was still hot
Took off her jacket
And hung it around her waist
Took a cigarette
Out from her purse
And walked on
Smoking it away
Letting it all go…


Standing in a vacuum

Trying to breathe

Looking for my salvation

I find my eyes deserted

Without any thought

What was I even doing there

I didn’t understand

Trying to heal the scars

Of everyone there

I ran into you…


Spreading through the sky

Filling up this night

Is the first shine

Of the bright sun light

Forming an eagle

Or a dragon in the sky

Looking at the clouds

Is always so exciting

A part of night

A part of light

Both are mixing

In a collaborative state

Many have tried

To create this masterpiece 

But not everything 

Can be imitated… 


It was a normal night
But moon was big
And shining it’s light
The wind was blowing
With a pleasant speed
And I was walking beside her
Holding her hand
How I wished for it to never end
Was just a childish dream
For we were near
Her home
And the night was about to end
For me
Right then and there
The wind blew
Throwing a flick of hair on her face
I never knew
Someone could be this adorable
So I slid that hair
To the back of her ear
And kissed her goodbye…


I have fought with you
On various occasions
Which now only
Seem pitiful
I disregarded you
In front of your gods
Whom you worship
For granting me life
My eyes are numb
From the numerous lies
That I have bestowed
In front of you
“If you are this bad
Why weren’t you foregone
The moment you showed
First signs of hesitation
The pain, the agony
That you were put through
The tests of time
We called it as”
At the end, you’ll realize
Why you’re called Moon Child…


I am still the same
Selfish narcissist
That I used to be
A few decades back
Wearing the mask
Everyone wants me to wear
With nothing to feel
And nothing to lose…
Any tips on how to change that ?


Ash to ash

Dust to dust

No one to see

The state you’re in

Heavenly eyes

Trembling hands

With nothing to say

And nowhere to stay

The bass of the guitar

Could tear through these walls

Just to make a little

Space for a hall

A lonesome island

Made of glass

A single blow

Could shatter its mass

Heaven and hell

Collisions from the past 

What was i trying to say

From the words in my heart…