Memoirs Chapter – 8

You can’t think

You can’t blink

Your legs are shaking
Your hands are trembling
You’re trying to breathe
But you always plead
Is it you
Or is it me
The one staring
Back as us
He’s always grinning
He’s always cheering
For either to fall
So he can call
Your heart is pounding
Like a wolf howling
You feel the chill
With every feel
Let me take control
And you will find
That I’m the solution
To all your fights
Hand me the reins
Of your scurvy veins
For you’re too uptight
For something so delight…

Memoirs Chapter – 7

Being alone 

With your thoughts

Isn’t that what everyone craves
At a point
Of day

I give you that
At the cost of fame
But still you amend
With every blame

Forget your meds
We don’t need them
We are a machine
And together we conceive
The wondrous truth
The nature pleads
I give you the ideas
Your mind hides
I give you the facade
Your mind finds

We work as a team
I do not mean
That you’re worthless
Or anything less
But we are strong
When we are together
Trust me with your thoughts
The light for which we fought
For we will earn it
The moment we churn it…

Memoirs Chapter – 6

It seems every high

Is just not right

Till the time it’s accompanied

By your symphonies

But with every puff

You seem to cough

Is that the light

That you so sight

Your mind is numb

Or are you that dumb

Is everything swirling

Or is it me who’s twirling

You met another guy

Who’s giving in a cry

To join the club

Of the famous numbs

Is that for real

Or just another fear

Or another sign

How am I to decide

Your chest is swelling up

Your pain is dwelling up

Your friend says

You’re writing like a child

How was he to know

That you’re a newborn life

Looking for words

To rhyme every mile

But you want to float

In never ending road

I see a ocean

But no water

Filled with nothing but butts 

From the used up puffs

You want it so bad

But still a little glad

For the pain it causes

Is a lot more than roses

You’re writing every thought

That comes in your head

Unable to separate

The good from best

It seems you’ve stopped

Looking for the road

The one less travelled

The one you ravelled

You feel you’re writing wrong

As if it’s not your thought

But still you persist

Unable to resist

Your skin is rotting

From the blood that’s clotting

Your hands are shaking

As your mind is breaking

Your skin is turning red

From the germs you’ve inherited

With every word

Same like the other

You start to feel low

For one more show…


Let the world slip away

And let me, guide your way

To a place

Of our creation

Where no one rests

But our imagination

Let the world slip away

And let yourself, fall away

As if you’re flying

In longest of nights

Simply, close your eyes

And let my voice, sink in

Allow me to take

You on a trip


Of your choice

Let the world slip away

And let me, guide your way

To a place

Where angels meet

And dine alongside

The demons they hide

Let the world slip away

And let yourself, fall away

But first you need

To close your eyes

Think about the river

Think about the shiver

Think about the mountains

Think about, how high are they

We are so petite

In this land so divine

Then why be proud

Over the treasures

You hound

Let go of this pride

And let me, be your guide

To wash away

All of your pain

To clear your conscious

Of every rain

Take a deep breath

And let me control the rest…

Memoirs Chapter – 5

You’re working like a machine

After everything you’ve seen

In my company

Or is everything still sketchy

I can feel this power

This enlightened shower

Growing onto me

Like a venom of greed

Unable to stand

You fall down on the bed

Going deeper and deeper

Time after time

One an addict

Other sadistic

You can feel their points

In this very joint

You can feel the noose tighten

You can feel the wind loosen

You might need some help

But that’d be, such a sham

Everything feels tainted

With the grin that you’re making

How did I survive

Before you were in my life

I’ll be with you

Till the end of days

Is that a premonition

Or just a simple insinuation

It is amazing what you can do

When you stop listening to

What’s the right thing to do

You have to get up

Look yourself in the mirror

Is this what you want

Is this what you were taught

How am I to breathe

With you making me bleed

I don’t understand

Where all of this is coming from

First you gave me an acceptance

Now you’re giving me repentance

Do I need another puff

Just to make you tough

Maybe I do

Maybe you don’t

What is happening

I can feel my mind crumbling

Save me from this depth

It’s taking me into it’s nest

Where are you

Why aren’t you talking back to me

I need another puff

Yes that’s what it is 

And with that puff

You’ll be back from the mist…

Memoirs Chapter – 4

You can feel the cold

Brewing upon you

It gives you useless thoughts

Ones you can’t even differ

To think it all started out

As another social experiment

But grew so much more

With the same recurring thoughts

Eating up your head

Till the time they’re not written

It keeps making you bitter

You start to plead for silence

From this unholy convergence

But it gives me confidence

It grants you nothing but divergence

You don’t wanna die

But are unable to thrive

You’re trying to decide

Can’t make up your mind

Cause this one decision

Will change your life

You still haven’t healed

From that last hit

So why don’t you drink

Some caffeine instead

But you’re longing for it

And you’re afraid

That once you start

It will be hard to end

Your hands are trembling

For one more puff

And your eyes are crashing

Thinking of that last stuff

So you go for it

To bring him back

I heard you were

Calling out for me

Isn’t it easy

To write about me

Someone you know

Someone you, like to show

Isn’t it funny

How things start to unravel

When you’re in my company

And you start to travel

Even while sitting

In a class full of writhing

I gave you the reins

So you could be in my veins

But I am unable to focus

With you murmuring a chorus

And where did the other one go

I always thought he accompanied you

He is there

But don’t you worry

For he’ll be loud

Some moments later

Why don’t you run

Let’s do something physical

And you know it’ll be fun

Cause I’ll be making you historical

Oh yes you’re right

You’re always right

Guess that’s why I love you

Why I can’t leave you

The way you compile

Everything I describe

Is like a miracle

And anything I can tackle…

Memoirs Chapter – 3

The clock is ticking

With every second, you’re sinking

Deep into your desire

It feels like you’re on fire

Your mind is loudest

Than it has ever been

But you’re gasping for air

In this frightful layer

Every puff

You say is the last one

But still you go on

Still saying it’s the last one

The moments go slow

The clocks in a row

Everything’s crumbled

When you are paranoid

You think you’re running hot

So you get up for some shots

But that just amplifies

What you never simplified

Everything is relaxed

But still you’re gripped

You wash your hands

And wash your face

To get that stench

Off your stance

Your eyes are red

From everything you were fed

Or was it from what you smoked

That you are feeling so cramped

You will learn to embrace me

Maybe then you can face me

But these cuts, are starting to bleed

Just what are you doing to me

I can be your saviour

From this inhumane behaviour

You can look all around

And you’ll find no one to surround

You take us for a villain

We are only giving

You a life you caress

A talent you can harness

Are you the light

In this everlasting night

Maybe you’re right

And you are the might

But will I be a slave

To your every game

Or will I be the one

Who can make a name…