Life Chapter-9

You were in distress

And a hand reached out

That guided you through remorse

To your one true love

“I’ve called you my subconscious

I’ve called you my unknown

You were the logical

And I was the emotional one”

Being “good”

What a relative term

Created in our heads

By other’s presumptions

A touch of success

A rhythm to caress

Truth within

With pain, it seemed

Hidden deep

In the darkest of nights

“You have all the support

To simply walk through

To take a plunge

And let me through”

“You need a balance

Between night and day

Just so you’re able to

Learn something from this race

Or otherwise you’ll be stuck

In a way less maze”

“You can always see me

In the rear view mirror

I am right there, next to you

Smiling and crying alongside you

So give me a chance to reveal myself

To prove myself

Just so you realize

What I’m talking about”


What a beautiful high


Giving out a sigh

Are you the one

Whom I seek

The one I remember

Calling my mind

It is you

Isn’t it

You are right

In choosing this abomination

But be careful

While working it’s explanations

Learn to be content

And improve this process

As the days go by

As the time flies by

Cause at the end

You want no regrets… 


Life Chapter-8

Boring it might be

It might be dull

But that is life, son

You’ve heard them say

But that’s not the end

As you will find

Concealed among these tides

Is the truth that lies

With eyes wide open

You look for the logical

Who showed you the way

After every rain

So you crushed a little coffee

And ate it raw

As if to create

An illusion of law

Sat a little

Closer to the sun

Just to see

What warmth felt like

Took a dip

In icy water

Just to see

What’s warmth without

Like puppets on strings

You start to live out

Every possible conclusion

Your mind could reach out

Looking at yourself in the mirror
With mask everyone wants you to wear
Get out of the door
With your feet down to the floor
Still the mask shines

Like no other kind

You wonder if you’re here

Just for the sake to please others

What if everything

Is a part of something

And we are all just pawns

Tools for something unreal

What if the butterfly effect

Is actually real

What if the world we live in

Is just another clarity

Open up your mind

And experience this reality

Just so you can associate

A whole new entirety… 


A little glimpse

To a certainty ahead 

But will it be real

Or just another trial 

To what can happen

When situation diverts 

By that variable factor

Each decision comprehends 

The path it can foretake 

Your hands reach out

As if they could travel

Without a crystal bowl

Without a drug in your system 

Simply by ending

Those painful cries…


It works two ways

Enhances your intelligence

Or glorifies your stupidity

You will either notice

Or let others cherish

These few moments

Of life you perish

From the inside out

From the outside in

Fixate on little things 

That define what you’ve become

It is not me

It is the world

That has made me

Who I am

Time moves fast 

I move slow 

And so I resort 

To paths unknown 

Sometimes it looks

Like the Truman Show

Sometimes it sounds 

Like Elliott Smith 

If you leave me 

Unable to paint 

I’ll pick up the pen 

And write all along

Till the time

I get myself back…


worship a plant

they cut the others

turn to an idol 

it has no figures

go to temples 

holy grounds 

feel blessed 

it’s already everywhere 

breed and breed

we’re so many 

by rules 

by us alone 

feel pride and happiness 

I see so much suffering around

not the awakened one

is just what my mind

me able to feel

me off everything else


With eyes wide open

I have become a walking sap

Of distress 

And confusion…


The colours seem far

Away nowadays 

Which used to disperse

From the tips of my hands

The brushes too

Have fallen victim

Of time and space

And time again

Logic and patterns 

Were the prime centers 

But even they have become 

Quite illogical

What am I then to do

To show my creativity

To show a painting

Filled with words…

Life Chapter-7

Along one of these roads

I found my missing self

Tucked in a corner

But not hidden

I reached out

And sang a lullaby

To let my emotions

Come back to me

One step ahead

Why are you afraid

Its only natural

Its part of maturing

Tried the easier way

To follow other’s footsteps

But now you are left

With a decision to comprehend

Could this be

A way to breach

The treasures it hides

Or are those lies?

Are you illusioned

By the truth it cries

You’ve seen the result

Then why choose this road

Unless you’re wanting

Something unreal

Everyone will tell you

To do what next

But you have to choose

What to do in this test

The point of this exercise

Is to replace

One addiction

With something proper

It keeps you on the edge

With a mind of its own

To give you a peek

Of what’s left in the store

So take a plunge

And drive through

Let me show you

The way to go

You can be

Who ever you choose to be

But first, clear your head

And settle your mind

Only then

You’ll be able to pray

For that is a must

Before you can lust…