Believe – Eminem

Do you still believe in me?
Didn’t I give everything I had to give you to make you see?
I’ll never forget if you turn your back on me now
And walk out, I will never let you live it down
(I’ll never quit) Do you still believe in me?


Walk on Water – Eminem

I’ve garnered? The rhyme has to be perfect, the delivery flawless
And it always feels like I’m hittin’ the mark
‘Til I go sit in the car, listen and pick it apart
Like, “This shit is garbage!”
God’s given me all this, still I feel no different regardless
Kids look to me as a god, this is retarded
If only they knew, it’s a facade and it’s exhaustive
And I try not to listen to nonsense
But if you bitches are tryin’ to strip me of my confidence
Mission accomplished
I’m not God-sent, Nas, Rakim, ‘Pac, B.I.G., James Todd Smith
And I’m not Prince, so…


The sun shines, back again

The colours seem brighter

With a little distance

Everything seems anew

The roller coaster of life

Is just another tremble

To look for ways

To counter each stain

The cold still seemed

Like a brother to me

From this imaginative

World of pain

The nakedness of might

Was just a little sight

The creature of light

Was true and right

As the time elapsed

I began to see

What the others

Wanted me to see

You sound like them

You breathe like them

And you become

A part of them

The creativity was always

Held within you

All it needed

Was a way to be free

Gruesome was

The touch of pain

For the social

Anxiety that crept


Was my other self

But the family

Is what kept me straight…


Grab a finger

And walk me through

To the land divine

Where I can resign

The masks I wear

Are causing a tear

To every suture

I ever created

From the wounds inflicted

Sometimes I wonder

Who even used

To rock that cradle

Then why have I become

So distant, so soon

What caused this rift

From humanly emotions

Isn’t known at time

But all that remains

Is the man in the mirror

Looking so proud

Standing on the mound

Help me break

These walls of pain

That I created

All for myself

So I can rest

Alongside you

In the reality

That you find true

Don’t let me relapse

To the path unchosen

For then the collision

Will be unbearable…



At the
Edge of the mountain
The clouds were shrieking
The fog was thickening
A place where even
The sky seemed white
It was hard to breathe
But for a view so magical
And mystical
It all, seemed worth it

I reach my hand out

To my own sole

Feeling every

Bit of that cold

In every part

Of this body


At the

Edge of the mountain

I took a deep breath

Full of little shrills

The cold is sinking in

Progressing through my feet

Try to recreate

The previous lives 

Just to see what might have happened


At the

Edge of the mountain

I gazed through a distance

To see what lies

Beyond the wildest fantasies

I could imagine 

I lied down

At the

Edge of the mountain

To look through the stars

Shining afar

Just whoever looked 

At the clouds these days

I lied down
At the
Edge of the mountain
Looking at the heavens
And thinking
Is it real
Or just another figment
Of our imagination
And if heaven isn’t real
Then what would
Make hell real
Just what is life after death
The only thought
In this mind of mine
As I felt it
Spreading in every
Part of my body
And so I close my eyes
One last time
Simply to let go

Of everything…

Life Chapter – 12

You die a little

Every day since birth

And look for life

Every time you breathe out

Now you stay

Here for comfort

Because it’s the only place

That seems real

There are no shortcuts

You need to earn the rest

It is your journey

And you’ll decide, when it ends

You don’t want to live

You want a name

So sit down for a minute

And think about your future

“You start to associate

Things with another

To look ahead

And make a fresh start

So let me show you

The way to go”

“Don’t let a single thing

Define your very own existence

You be the creator

And I’ll be your facilitator

You don’t need anyone

Now that you’ve chosen me

As your saviour”

But why not me

When truth could be another lie

Like a deceiver 

Looking to make a way

You start to live on

Every part of this play

Trying to make sense

Of every little clue

That I’ve laid

All around for you

And of course it’s exaggerated

Because it’s me who is doing it

Maybe I should simply

Close my eyes

But then will all be

Worth my time

What if I’m a sociopath

Telling everyone a lie

Or just another victim

From past sanctums…